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Measuring hand hygiene as a binary hand washing event, using processes like visual observation and patient surveys, can be subjective and inefficient. These assessments suffer from observer bias, small sample sizes and the inability to assess technique. There’s a better way to audit hand hygiene in your facility.

FirstHand Hygiene Audits are both quantitative and qualitative - measuring hand hygiene technique, through duration and vigor, alongside frequency. We measure every hand washing event, and track the information over time to find trends and patterns. This enables not just real-time, point-of-use feedback for immediate technique improvement, but also gives you longer-term insights to optimize workflow and identify areas for additional training and improvement. We have hand hygiene audit strategies customized for child care (link), food services (link) and aged care (link) facilities. Contact us to learn more about the benefits and ease of conducting a hand hygiene audit at your facility.
Q: Beyond providing signage, ample soap and hand sanitizer in our facility, what more can we do?
A: A recent CDC Report recommends that “efforts to improve hand hygiene should address the factors that affect hand hygiene behavior”. With the FirstHand system, managers can reliably measure and encourage critical hand hygiene behavior factors beyond frequency – most importantly, duration and vigor.

Q: Is more frequent hand washing enough to reduce transmission of pathogenic organisms?
A: More often is good, but proper technique is crucial to good hand hygiene. In order to eradicate the pathogens, healthcare workers must achieve sufficient duration and vigor, as specified by the World Health Organization.

Q: Is there a connection between measuring and changing hand hygiene behavior?
A: Absolutely – seeing is believing. Specific and real-time, in-the-moment hand washing feedback provided by the FirstHand Band improves duration and intensity, which are both crucial to good hand hygiene in food services.

Q: How does FirstHand hygiene data inform decisions by managers?
A: Our comprehensive portal and summary reports provide insight into hand hygiene patterns and provide actionable intelligence at both the individual and the group level. With FirstHand, managers can answer questions about individual worker improvement, group use patterns, training needs, and equipment maintenance (e.g. refilling).

Q: What about administration monitoring and staff privacy?
A: Staff receive their own individual daily feedback reports. Administrators can access confidential, secure reports indicating individual results and group patterns.

Q: Is the FirstHand system difficult or timely to install?
A: No - our easy-to-implement system can be installed in 30 minutes or less and is easily portable between units or departments of your organization.

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